Laundry Facility Tips

Here are some tips for doing laundry at a laundry facility.

If you’re new to the facility, it may help to measure a load of laundry. Place clothes in the washing machine to gage, and then place them back into your basket. Now you know what a load looks like.

If you plan to leave anything in the laundry room while your clothes are in the wash, label it. Bring some sort of timepiece or watch the clock so you’ll be aware of when you need to return to switch loads or pull them out.

Always clean the lint trap - it’s just good manners, and if it’s full of lint when you start to dry clothing, it’ll hinder the effectiveness of the dryer.

Be sure to check the washer and dryer before you add any clothing in case they are dirty or contain clothing items. Also, be sure the tops of the washer and dryer are clean.

Fluff wet clothing before you place them in the dryer so you can be sure the dryer will get them thoroughly dry.

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