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what foods to get to fight aging
  • Being young forever and having a long life is something that many people covet. In addition to making your appearance more energetic and pleasing to the eye, being young and long-lived means you have more time to enjoy your struggle in this world.

    If all this time the youthful recipe has been associated with the use of a mystical thing or involving botox injections or the like, this time you can try a more sensible and healthy path through food. Yep, it turns out in this world there are many super foods that can make your body youthful and long life, you know! Curious? Check out review this time yes!
    1. Love to eat oysters? Well, happy because it turns out your favorite food can make you look more youthful ~ The secret because oysters are rich in protein protective muscle and zinc. Zinc proved to help inhibit the process of eye damage in old age!

    2. No wonder if green tea is always included in the list of beverages that make ageless, the article green tea contains polyphenols are good for your heart function. Green tea is also rich in anti-inflammatory substances so as to counteract wrinkles on your skin so youthful always

    3. Grapes contain substances that are able to counter the risk of arthritis and increase the production of collagen in the retina, thus inhibiting damage to early vision. Your eyes will look healthy always if you consume this fruit

    Wine, besides tasty also rich in benefits! via
    4. Did you know that gray hair before the time could be triggered lack of copper in the body? The solution is to diligently consume shittake mushrooms to the needs of copper substances that help the production of pigment in your body is always awake!

    see this guide to cook better foods

    5. Good news for cheese fans, because eating cheese can help keep your pH level in your mouth so that your tooth health can stay up until the age of twilight!

    Be happy, cheese fans, because cheddar cheese can make you longer!
    6. Sexy enthusiasts? Well, in addition to oysters do not forget to input also mussels in your favorite menu list to keep your sexual function awake and not faded in age. Mussels can actually help maintain the erection ability of a man, let me not easily loose!

    Seafood enthusiasts, do not forget to add mussels in your food list.
    7. Drink detox can help reduce the problem of eye bags that make someone look older than his age, you know! Maximize the benefits of detox beverage (also known as infused water) by always incorporating lemon into your blend